Selfish Sundays

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Are you refueling on Sunday, or are you playing catch up? Sundays can often be the catch all for chores and week preparation. It's also typically the day for social plans that didn't fit into the rest of the week. What if you decided to be selfish on Sunday?

Take Action: This week do not make any plans on Sunday

Plan Ahead: Move your typical “get ready for Monday” routine to a different day

Make Moves: Do only what you initiate on Sunday

Take Note: Do you feel refreshed on Monday or stressed? Are there certain things you truly enjoy doing on Sundays?

Self-care can be difficult to fit into your life. Take back your Sundays.  Watch a movie, go to church, or read a book. If people initiate plans tell them that you are busy. What’s wrong with being a little selfish?

Let me know how it goes!

Chat soon,