Always Late? Use these tips!

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In the best case scenario, you wake up with doves flying over your head and music in your heart. In reality, if you're like me, you’re trying to savor your last bits of shut-eye in these darker morning months.  Try using one of these tips, and see if you can make it out of the door on time!

1. Set an exit alarm:

Set an “out the door” alarm to notify you to leave the house. If you have a clock radio you can set an alarm for your music to stop playing at the the time you need to leave. Or simply set an alarm on your phone for the time you need to walk out of the door. Your goal, regardless of how many times you “snoozed”, is to beat your out the door” alarm. 

2. Pile everything in one place:

This tip may be obvious but it doesn’t hurt to write it anyway. Put all of your morning needs in one, easy to find place. And make sure it’s the same place everyday. Keys, purse, watch, hat and coat should be together by the door. Breakfast and lunch should be together on the same shelf in the fridge. You get the idea. 

3. Double Up: 

Have your morning needs in the places that you always use them. Have a brush in the bathroom and the bedroom. Have a backup makeup kit in the bathroom and the bedroom. Do the same with deodorant, jewelry and other items that you know you need before you walk out of the door. Nothing wastes time more than having to run in and out of rooms for multiple supplies. Even worse, what if your roommate jumps into the bathroom and all of your stuff is stranded. Be prepared and double up. 

4. Reminder at the Door:

What’s the thing you always forget? Put a sticky on the door to remind yourself. A “don’t forget your lunch” reminder on the door saves you both time returning to your home and money if you end up needing to buy lunch instead. 

Hello daylight savings time, goodbye light of day - but don’t worry, you got this!

Chat soon,