3 Things You Need To Do Today

3 Things You Need To Do Today

3 Things You Need To Do Today

Spoiler Alert: 2017 is right around the corner. Don't wait until the last minute to plan for the end of the year. You can save time, money and energy by doing these three things now.

1. Save Money for the Holidays

All of those "Secret Santa" gift exchanges will be here before you know it. Not to mention holiday travel and all the gifts you need to buy the little ones in your life. Start putting away $5 a week, or buy gifts now before the holiday prices kick in. December will be a breeze!

2. Get a Head Start On Your New Year's Resolution Now

Don't wait until after the ball drops to start your diet, write that book, or save money. Start making moves now. Slowly build your momentum so that you are mentally in the right space to continue moving forward after January 1st. (Plus gym memberships skyrocket in the new year, so why not start now?)

3. Plan Your Rest and Relaxation

Most likely you're transitioning into the autumn and a new school year (if you're in school or have kids). Before you know it you're into the holiday season with parties and gatherings that are super fun, and also draining. Plan out some time/days where you do what you need to do to rest and relax.

A little planning now will set you up for a lot of success. Remember, you've got this! 

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