Is Fit Your Life Into Your Life® Life Coaching?

This is not life coaching, this is women empowerment. You have access to Fit Your Life Into Your Life® tools, activities, social media pages, books, products and one-on-one sessions, all at your fingertips. Use as much as you need to help push you to ultimately achieve not just one, but many goals.

What happens when I create a Power Circle?

When you register to create a Power Circle, you will receive a template to help you formulate an email to send to your #PFFLs. Once you complete the template, send you email to your #PFFLs and wait for a reply. Within one week, your Power Circle will receive a welcome email, as well as monthly update emails from Jemia.

How are Power Circles different that accountability buddies?

Power Circles force you to think about how your goal can positively impact your #PFFLs. Rather than asking someone to do something for you, to hold you accountable for your goals, you will offer something to your #PFFLs as an inspiration for you to hold yourself accountable for your goals.

What is a #PFFL?

Powerful Friend for Life

How do Fit Your Life Into Your Life® Sessions work?

Once you fill out the "Schedule a Session form" you will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule a 30-minute session to talk all about you. During your consultation, you will discuss the next steps as far as how many sessions you should schedule and the frequency. 

The series will begin with us discovering your Best Self, and setting goals accordingly. Each session will end with homework and accountabilities that you will need to complete previous to the next session. 

All sessions will remain between you and Jemia

How long are sessions?

Typically sessions last 45 minutes, although all women have individual needs, and you will discuss what works best for you. 

Does location matter?

The 21st century working woman has many options, and technology means we’re no longer bound by geography. All Fit Your Life Into Your Life Sessions are done by phone, Skype and/or email. Whether you live in Chicago or LA you will find a way to fit your life into your life!

How many sessions should we have?

Most Fit Your Life Into Your Life® timelines will last 3-6 months, depending on your goals and the frequency of our sessions. This is not a "one size fits all" program; this is specifically tailored to you!

How frequent are the sessions?

How often you and Jemia meet depends on three things: 1) your goals, 2) how long it takes to get to know you and your needs, and 3) transitions you have coming up.

Jemia specializes in helping people navigate transitions – both what is needed before a transition, and how to successfully make it through big life changes. Sessions range from weekly to monthly. You might just want advice, or to be told what to do. Or you might have a clear picture of what you want, but don’t yet have a path to achieve it. In either case, Jemia can help you to develop a plan to meet these challenges head-on.

What types of things do you specialize in?

Fit Your Life Into Your Life®  involves each of the core domains of your life – personal relationships; financial and career goal-setting; health, beauty and wellness; and how to look and feel your best.

Jemia's philosophy is that all of these elements are intertwined. It’s impossible to excel in your day job if you don't feel and look your best, nor can you sustain healthy relationships if your work takes up your entire life. You will find a balance that works for you. 

I feel pretty good about my career. Do your sessions focus mostly on career advice? 

The main goal is to help you Fit Your Life Into Your Life®. For some people, that means working on career goals and ambitions; for others, it means prioritizing personal relationships to ensure you have enough energy for yourself and those around you.

Jemia firmly believe that every situation can be improved. It is difficult to acknowledge the challenges involved in making big changes. If you feel settled in your career, but perhaps feel like your personal life is disordered, Jemia can help you with that.

How does this differ from therapy?

You and Jemia will work with the end in mind – what is your ultimate desired result? It’s an unavoidable and unfortunate reality that women face greater barriers than men do, and not only in professional settings. Therapy is about dealing with your psychological functions: what makes you tick, what happened in your childhood, what are your fears, etc. The primary goal of your sessions is to live in the here and now, and help you make the next step in your goals. You may very well come to Jemia because you are having trouble fitting therapy into your life.

How does payment work?

All sessions will be paid for ahead of time using an electronic payment system. Jemia will email you an invoice.

How/Why would I schedule a 90-Minute Goal Setting Session?

You and Jemia would have discussed your aspirations ahead of time. It is possible that one 90-minute session is all that you need, or you may have done many sessions and we use the Deep Dive as a check-in session. 

How do I know if Fit Your Life Into Your LIfe® is right for me?

Visit the "About You" page. Please note that after our initial conversation both you and Jemia will determine whether or not the Fit Your Life Into Your LIfe system will work for you.