December #PFFL of the Month


Jadelle Grinkley
Age: 25

Lynn, Massachusetts

- Sorter at Amazon
-Benefit Coach at Lynn Housing

- Foodie


What is your current goal? 

Get to my goal weight of 190 pounds (I want to lose 30 more pounds)!

What is the most difficult thing for you to fit into your life while striving to achieve your goal?

The most difficult thing for me was fitting in meal prep, eating healthy and exercising all while working two jobs!

What steps did you take to fit that goal into your life?

I was over 300 pounds and had weight related issues, so I found time late at night on the week days to go to the gym. On the weekend after work and in the moorings I would go to the gym. I had help from my mom with the meal prep and instead of eating the food from the vending machine at my overnight job, I would bring in granola bars, or little fruit salads. It was hard and I fell off a few times. Every time I fell off i came back 10 times stronger.

What is one tip that you have for women to achieve their goals?

If you really want it, stop making excuses. instead if thinking about it just do it.