My mission is to empower women as they take steps to set and achieve their goals, by creating and offering: tools, activities, events, resources and products to help them manage the work, challenges and transitions that arise as they become the leaders in their personal and professional lives. 
 Fit Your Life Into Your Life®

Meet Jemia: 

I am you and I know your struggle. Your trying to answer the age old question, "can women truly have it all"? The answer my friend is, yes!

What I fit into my life: 

  • My husband
  • A puppy
  • Graduate School 
  • Looking fabulous
  • The Gym
  • Friends (PFFLs)
  • Money management
  • Day job
  • Running a business
  • Sleep 

How I do fit my life into my life: 

  • Maximize money
  • Create time
  • Recharge energy 
  • Make my life work for me